Manage your bookmarks and favorites visually


  • Bookmarks look great in visual mode
  • Allows you to tag bookmarks
  • Allows you to see when sites have been updated


  • Importing favorites is not easy - no setup wizard
  • Safari 4 already features coverflow for bookmarks

Not bad

If there's one thing I absolutely hate about my default browser Firefox, it's the way it handles bookmarking. It's the management of them that really annoys me.

I mean, why can't I just delete a bookmark or add a folder without having to go into the Bookmarks Manager? I was therefore quite keen on trying Webbla as a more intuitive and most importantly, visual bookmarks manager. If you like the way iTunes and iPhoto handle your music and photos, then you'll probably really like Webbla. Not only does it allow you to organize bookmarks visually, but it also allows you to track updates on your favorite sites. It doesn't matter which browser you use because it works across the spectrum including Camino, Firefox, OmniWeb, Opera, Safari and more. The problem however, is getting started with it.

From the start, there should be a wizard that automatically detects your default browser and asks if you want to import your Bookmarks from that browser. But no, you have to select "Import" and then try and manually browse to your bookmarks folder on your hard drive. This can be no easy task as I soon found out. However, once you do manage to import them, it is quite nice to flick through them visually and those that have recently been updated will be flagged by Webbla.

Webbla is very similar to Safari 4's coverflow system of organizing bookmarks so Safari users won't find much to shout about in Webbla. Other browser users may find it useful but it should be much easier to get started.




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